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Model Out Patient Door, Himachal Pradesh
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Subject Area="Infrastructure and Equipment." Objective="Maintenance of health facilities."
Details for Reform Option "Model Out Patient Door, Himachal Pradesh"

Background: It was noticed that utilisation of the services from Out Patient Door (OPD) was severely affected due the limitations of existing infrastructure. For example, patient waiting areas needed to be improved; drainage in few places was poor leading to collection of water, toilet facilities needed facelift for the patients. Labour room for conduction of deliveries at few places were not suitable located. Action: To revamp the health facilities, model OPD was constructed by re structuring the existing OPD under European Commission Sector Investment Programme. It meant redesigning existing facility or does minor changes to make place comfortable and convenient for patients. While designing the new OPD care was taken to provide shaded waiting areas to the patients, chairs and couches for their sitting arrangements and public toilets. Space was identified for the labour room so that pregnant ladies can be easily managed at the time of their delivery. Health department staff in the particular premise was responsible to identify the ways in which services could be improved for patients.One health facility was identified from each constituency on the basis of relatively good patients load and strategically good location. Government guidelines, which are situation specific and with emphasis on decentralized decision-making to revamp the health facility. Medical Officer of Health is responsible to identify the needs and submit proposals in agreement with Public Work Department (PWD). Results: Service utilization has increased as evident from number of the patients has increased to 140 new patients on an average from 50-60 patients. Also it was noticed that satisfaction among the patients has increased who are availing the services from the health facilities.

Cost Approximately INR 2 lakh.
Place 68 places across the State.
Time Frame Six months to one year, depending upon the speed of work.

Face lifting of the dilapidated building: Minor changes in the existing infrastructure give a facelift to the facility. Increased utilisation of the health facilities by the patients: Satisfaction of the patient after availing the services from the health facilities increases its rate of utilisation over the period of time.


Cooperation from PWD: Proposal needs an agreement with the PWD department. To get them involve in the time bound revamping process is big challenge for the health administrator.


State Government approval.

Who needs to be consulted

State Government, Public work department.



Sustainable, though need for minor repair can arise from time to time.

Chances of Replication

Replicable,in States where infrastructure is in poor condition to utilise it effectively and where funds are available to strengthen it.


To create environment for the patients with little but basic amenities that provide them basic comfort, access to services with greater responsiveness leads to better patient satisfaction with over all health care interaction experience.


Submitted By

Dr. Anuradha Davey, Research Consultant,NIMS, February, 2006.

Status Active
Reference Files
Notification for release of fund- Model OPD.pdf
PHC Amb, Una district1.JPG
PHC Amb, Una district6.JPG
PHC Amb, Una district4.JPG
PHC Amb, Una district27.JPG
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