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Establishment of State Sector Reform Cells, various States
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Subject Area="Management structures and systems." Objective="Integrated planning and management."
Details for Reform Option "Establishment of State Sector Reform Cells, various States"

Action: Establishment of a state Sector Reform Cell (SRC) with a mandate and authority to drive health sector reform processes and, in particular, to produce well-articulated policy and operational options based on sound analysis. An SRC consists of: (i) an empowered committee/board/council/bureau to direct and oversee the reform activities; (ii) a secretariat; (iii) technical capacity (especially through contracts with local institutions). An SRC is concerned with the management of both internally and externally financed schemes across the whole health & family welfare sector and not just with one development partner (donor). An SRC does not duplicate an existing similar body (such as the strategic management bodies of the State Health Systems (SHS) project funded through the World Bank). An SRC manages a sector reform fund (or similar) as a channel for funds from government or development partners for the development of services.

Cost Information not available.
Place Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, as well as 22 states under the European Commission’s Health and Family Welfare Sector Programme.
Time Frame Three months.

Unifying: A single body is responsible for managing the entire state health sector reform process. Logical: There is now a capacity to develop sound and well-researched policy and operational options. Coherent: Sector reform fund provides a mechanism for funds from many sources to be channelled into a coherent plan for sector reform.


None perceived.


Government Order. Political will.

Who needs to be consulted

State Health & Family Welfare Authority, NGOs, private sector.



Fair to good, the secretariat and technical capacity could be funded from the regular state budget.

Chances of Replication

Good, although the name, form and membership of SRCs will vary according to local circumstances.




Submitted By

ECTA PROD team, ECTA, New Delhi, July 2002.

Status Active
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